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Breast cancer support in Basel

A breast cancer diagnosis is a big shock. But you are not alone! The patient self help group TAVOLA ROSA offers help for women with breast cancer in Basel and the region.  

Our offer is designed to help you connect with other women going through the same journey. Independent of your age, newly diagnosed or a 'survivor', we look forward to meeting you. 

Our offer

We have a range of different offers for your needs during your journey:  

TAVOLA ROSA MEETS is our monthly meeting for women of all ages who are living with breast cancer. We meet in an informal atmosphere in different cafes in Basel. 


TAVOLA ROSA MOVES offers walks and runs around Basel or joint dance lessons to get moving and increase our wellbeing. 

TAVOLA ROSA *YOUNG* is a monthly meeting for younger women with breast cancer to discuss the specific concerns and topics that arise when a diagnosis hits you early in life.

TAVOLA ROSA CARES provides support if you need it - for doctor visits.

You can find the upcoming events here.

We are in the process of organising an English-speaking support group. Let Barbara know, if you are interested...


Or reach out for more information to:


Barbara Kundert

079 785 80 36


«I’ve made a long voyage and been to a strange country, and I’ve seen the dark man very close, but I have never had to feel alone.»

Thomas Wolfe (1938) zitiert und ergänzt von Barbara Kundert (2020)

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